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Concious Living Foundation

They taught villagers how to make their own all-natural soap made from soap nut that is  conducive for all forms of cleaning around the household.  

They also taught villagers how to produce sponges made of coconut fibers.  Both of these materials are locally available to the villagers.

Kosmik band is a group which performs spiritual songs that are a blend of mantras, African  rhythms, and Latin beat and performs them in a World music style. They have supported the Lokaa  Foundation by playing music for the children of the World villages during their time in India.

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Alok institute has supported Lokaa Foundation in the construction of  Mokkalachennu (one of the World Villages), as this goes hand in hand with their Human  development aspect of their initiative.This collaboration has led to 24 homes, a learning center  with high speed internet, a small sewer system, and 3 roads being built connecting the village.

NIRDPR's collaboration with the Lokaa Foundation has immensely improved the lives of the beneficiaries of Lokaa Foundation.  NIRDPR provides training in essential skills & connects us with resources needed to support the sustainable development of the World Villages. This includes training for mud brick making and leaf plate making. 

The mud brick training has been crucial for the individuals of Krishnapuram. This technology will be used by them to build all-sustainable housing, as well as an eco-friendly communal space - the knowledge centre.

The leaf plate-making training has opened doors to a brighter future for the women of Krishnapuram in the form of an alternative stable income stream. 

These skills are now expanding to other World Villages through the Krishnapuram community.  

Our ongoing collaboration with NIRDPR is beneficial in creating a  sustainable world, one village at a time.


Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, co-creators of Ekam, are modern enlightened sages & mystics. Ekam is a space for the transformation of human consciousness. It guides individuals to help  them dissolve the separation between themselves, others and nature.  Lokaa Foundation in collaboration with Ekam brings to the individuals we work with tools to live a more connected holistic life. A few of these tools include soul sync meditation, yoga, interconnection walks and so much  more…

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