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Walk to Remember

April 22 - 23, 2023

“A Walk to Remember'' was an outdoor event created especially for youth. This served as a great opportunity for young people from across India to gain a greater sense of connection to Mother Earth, themselves, and tribal communities. It brought together individuals who are passionate about environmental and social change to connect and collaborate with the villagers as one family. 


Our aim was to inspire young people, empower them to enact change in their own lives, and provide them an opportunity to contribute to the communities. 


The participants visited two tribal villages that are adopted under the World Village Project. They trekked through local forestscapes and took in the incredible surroundings. They were also introduced to sustainable ways of living. The villagers demonstrated them the making of eco-friendly household products and mud blocks with locally available resources. There was dancing, discussions, feasting, stargazing, and learning all woven into one.

What did the participants have to say?

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