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At Lokaa Foundation, we believe in the power of nature to enrich our lives. We have created multiple nature conservation initiatives that have now evolved into a large-scale project in Andhra Pradesh, a state located in the southeastern coastal region of India. Our work is focused on reforestation and cultivating a mind that is Earth-conscious. 


Have you ever paused and paid full attention to the birds soaring gracefully from treetop to treetop? 


How about the rustle of the wind between the trees that gives rise to a childlike sense of awe and connection?

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If you experience these moments, you are well on your way to becoming a romanticist. A romanticist has a natural appreciation for Mother Earth and is her greatest ally. We aim to bring about a shift in consciousness by awakening the Earth lover in us all.


Lokaa Foundation is working on the reforestation of public and private land. One part of the project has been the creation of various forestscapes with the help of the local villagers. To date, four forests have been established. 


The Neerudhi forest, which is indigenous to India, is sparsely populated with trees and surrounded by marshland. These trees are incredibly resilient and well adapted to this environment. They can withstand waterlogging and live partially submerged in water for most of their lives. 


The Bilva is a forest which is indigenous to the Telugu states. This forest is densely packed, with a minimum of 3 feet distance between each tree. In this area, 123 different forest tree species flourish. 


The Somedha is a native indigenous forest that surrounds the 1.9 billion-year-old Velikonda Range. The plant life is scattered in between ancient rock formations. 


The Alli forest was initially only populated with Alli trees. Alli is also known as the mother tree because it nurtures the seeds of other tree species. During rainy season, it holds the seeds of other tree species to prevent them from being washed away by the rain. Eventually multiple other tree species begin to grow with the support of these nurturing trees. 

Each forest is being maintained and cared for by Lokaa Foundation. We are delighted to see an increase in diverse wildlife in these areas. The population of reptiles, bees, butterflies, and wild animals is all being revived. Not only are the local villagers hired to maintain the trails and roadways, but they also help keep the forests healthy. 


Lokaa Foundation works closely with the villagers and encourages the children to explore and care for the land that surrounds their villages. The forest has become a playground and classroom where the children can have fun while discussing sustainability. Within this initiative, the “My Earth My Home” campaign focuses on promoting the preservation of local forests and wildlife to individuals and organisations. It aims to encourage people to become the custodians of our forests both locally and globally. This campaign has helped revitalise hundreds of acres of forests.

Reforestation does not need to be limited to large-scale projects where acres of public or private land are regenerated. We can all contribute to the return of biodiversity by planting small forests in our own backyard. There are also creative ways people can contribute if they don't have access to private outdoor space. One option would be to collaborate with your neighbours and utilise a community garden. You could plant natives to create your very own ecosystem and care for it collectively.


Our vision is to create a future where forests thrive, preserving the rich diversity of our wildlife and providing a source of inspiration for individuals and organisations everywhere to take action. We can all do our part by inspiring others to become Earth lovers. This will turn the Lokaa Foundation’s vision into a movement towards sustainability, connection, and a great care for our precious Mother Earth. With each large reforestation project completed, private forest created, and new community park established, we are all supporting Lokaa Foundation’s vision for a new world. 

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