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Spiritual Nurturing

At Lokaa Foundation, we believe that true well-being and contentment originate from within. We provide simple yet powerful practices that promote mental and emotional health and transform lives in the process. We believe that the key to building a self-sufficient and thriving community lies in nurturing the spiritual well-being of each individual. To this end, we have introduced the "Soul Sync" meditation and “Interconnection Walks”. The villagers have shared wonderful stories with us about how the practices have elevated their experience of everyday life.


The ‘Soul Sync’ is a scientifically developed practice that builds concentration and guides an individual into a state of greater awareness. This results in a serene state of mind and an expanded sense of self, from this place heartfelt desires can become reality. 


The ‘Interconnection Walks’ are a journey of discovery and an opportunity to pay total attention to the inseparability of everything that surrounds us. From the smallest ant to the most ancient rock, everything is vital and in constant communication. This awareness directs the mind away from the divisive thinking that causes conflict in families, communities and nations. Our experiences, achievements and successes are all interlinked. The more clearly we observe and understand this truth, the better we can actualize it. We believe that interconnection is at the heart of sustainability. 


We are focused on supporting villagers to live in a connected state, as much as possible. We envision a community that can fully experience the wonders of their surroundings and awaken to their unique potential. It is from this place that the cycle of oppression and poverty can begin to shift, creating harmony in these communities, and ultimately the world. So, let us join hands from an inclusive state of consciousness and become the caretakers of our most precious gift and all its occupants. This mission is one we can all contribute to and benefit from.


How often do we take the time to gaze at the stars, pondering their mysteries? Could this simple act be the antidote to many of our modern problems?


 A Lokaa Foundation volunteer shared an observation from their experience in the village:

“When I came to the village one day I saw some adults gathered together at the local temple. There was nothing unusual about it, they were sincerely making offerings and praying to their deity. A small gathering of children were huddled around the back of the temple totally engaged in play. No other experience mattered to them at that moment. Neither group was disturbing the other and neither activity was more important than the other, both were equally profound. The villagers know the true nature of spirituality, which is being fully present and in awe of what some might describe as the mundane. It is being fully engaged with the present moment, so much so, that the details of life appear truly extraordinary.”

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