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A Dentist's Dream: The Changing Definition of Happiness

A journey of fullfilment

dream, fulfillment, journey, enjoying life, contentment, joy in small moments.

A dream... I have a dream... and I am struggling to fulfil it. I am struggling to meet the checklist. I am getting stressed out if I dont get the video of me singing that song released on youtube. I am toppling on overthinking if these many number of dental patients were not treated by me in a day. Its a common perception, Isn't it? We hate others for dampening our dream or hate ourselves for not trying harder to achieve specific milestones and cant help but feel frustrated when obstacles get in the way.

mountains, lake, waterbody, sunset, sky, clouds

But just a thought crossed my mind and I am ruminating on it now, juggling with that possibility, that what if I dint achieve my dream? What if i just took a breath and nothing had changed in my life after I had exhaled all the air out? What if I was not some Endodontist who was famous and raking in money, and just somebody ordinary, a nonetity and not with some great qualities, but enjoying life nevertheless? I will be getting old in some decades, stinking rich with all the money by my side, but without the health i am enjoying now. What would I have really earned? More than the jingling in my pocket💰, surely...

As I was sitting on a small stone bench made by some politician in our area on just another street which leads to the school which i was an alumini of, and basking in the sliver of everyday early morning sunlight kissing my face, through those dense trees that Model Colony, Pune was distinguished for (because it was a forest earlier, now inhabited by us humans), I still had a dream. But now I feel that that dream is not to become "somebody" any longer. It is to enjoy looking at the Indian Auto rickshaw 🛺 and waving at the children sitting in them going to school as they waved back at me. And just to ENJOY it all!!! 👋 Do i give up on my initial dream of success and wealth? The dream where i am most successful and lavishly wealthy. No, I dont think so, I continue to dream even more... When I was little, I used to visit my dad's clinic and ask him a trillion questions and dream that one day, I will become like him... and here I am, today, in the same clinic, living that dream... The question is, should I not be happy and cherish this achievement? Many of us, having reached a milestone, immediately set our sights on some next dream project or dream job... Something has shifted within me, though...

I dont know what has changed, but I am enjoying sitting under this tree and looking at the skies visible between its branches. It is giving me bouts of immense joy- that comparable to me extracting a challenging molar or navigating a complex root canal. No doubt, I will be going back to all that in an hour's time from now, but I relish this moment, for now...

Now, coming back to my question, will I be dead if I dont achieve my dream? If my dream dies, I am still living, not killing myself, but even better, ENJOYING THE "LIVING" TO MY HEART'S CONTENT... Yes, something has changed, for sure... It has changed, undeniably within me and I wish it changes for you too, my dear friend...

Checkout where my journey began: Ekam

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