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Connecting with Mother Earth

Embracing Love, Peace, and Harmony at The Walk

As my thirsty and hungry spirit drowns in the modern world, Mother Earth, knowing her child is sick, calls me through Lokaa Foundation to return to her lap and heal with her embrace of love, peace, and harmony.

Greeted with great love by Yogi upon arrival, I learn of his sacrifices to join this organization, piquing my interest in his reasons. To my surprise, upon reaching the village, I am met with love and happiness. I am amazed to see that the village thrives not on money, but on their dependence on Mother Earth and the dedication of a few beautiful souls who left everything for this organization. This is where my spirit receives its first taste of freedom, a chance to breathe.

My soul’s thirst is quenched by the sight of nature, the wisdom shared by Anandagiri ji, the love and care shown by Arun ji (a monk I became attached to), Yogi (who made a very special impact), to a few close people Katja, Joyce, Anna, Ann, Alexander, Anatoliy, and all the villagers who embraced me as part of their small, beautiful world.

Seeing the hills early morning fills my heart with joy. I feel my soul quenched and my body finally resting in the lap of Mother Earth. I take back a beautiful memory, a story to tell the world that the heart of Earth lies not in its core, but in Lokaa Foundation village. Thank you, dear members of Lokaa, for helping me rediscover myself. I long to return and share this experience with others.

 - Capt.Vinayak

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