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If I Were An Alien

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

As I sit still in the shadows of the towering bamboo stems at Sattva, contemplating the many ways in which we, humans, can preserve the beauty of our precious Mother Earth, my attention is drawn to the gentle rustling of bamboo stems brushing against one another. Strangely, as the breeze strengthens, the rustling subsides, and all I hear is the sound of fluttering leaves. When the wind calms and the trees become still, I begin to hear the melodies of excited birds. Amidst this blissful chaos, I begin to notice the interplay of light as the sun's rays filter through the layered branches of the trees, and all of a sudden, I am left wondering how I managed to miss this spectacular dance of light and shadow all this while. Suddenly, everything becomes clear. I see a long line of giant red ants marching in perfect rhythm in the V of the garden bench. I see the in-sync patterns of scattered dry leaves that have fallen to the ground, their arrangement strikingly similar to the imagination of an expert craftsman who tediously works to create fine pieces of bridal jewellery. And there is so much more, flooding my senses as I glance around. There is no doubt in my mind that a supremely imaginative Maestra is behind this perfectly orchestrated audio-visual symphony.

I momentarily flirted with the thought, ‘What if I were an alien visiting planet Earth for the first time and experienced what I just did. What impressions would I return with?’. I refocus my attention on the question of how I can enhance the Earth's beauty. I realise that the best way is to pay attention to and appreciate the extraordinary beauty that already exists and be mesmerised by it.

And yes, if I were an alien visiting Earth, I would fall head over heels in love with this magnificent planet called Earth. I would carry back my life-altering experiences and memories of Earth and narrate tales of Earth’s beauty to my alien friends. I would inspire my fellow aliens to contemplate on what we can as a species do to replicate Earth’s splendour in our own alien world. But what if the alien took the time to truly understand Earth's essence and the spirit of its culture—What if they saw more than just Earth's physical beauty and abundant resources?

If only one could perceive the heart of our Earth, they would find in her every quality they sought in a friend, lover, or parent. Earth is a soul worth falling in love with. Perhaps we can draw inspiration from the romantic poets of the late 18th century who were undoubtedly intoxicated by the richness of her being. They cherished the rocks, trees, rivers, flowers, bees, birds, butterflies, wild scents, and the ever-changing colors of the seasons. They felt her sublime spirit.

I understand that this may sound extreme. You don’t have to switch careers to become a romanticist. But as you delve deeper into the essence of Earth, you catch a glimpse of her heart, and that alone is enough to transform your actions into ones of inclusiveness.

Now, if you were an alien visiting Earth for the first time, what would you do to preserve its rich, strong, and courageous spirit?

Many of us can relate to the feeling of losing our courage or strength after a short period of illness. We can't help but stare into the mirror, concerned about our fading appearance, and feel a desperate need to do something to regain our vitality. Mother Earth deserves the same kind of attention. I'm not suggesting that you should brood over the harm that has already been done to her, but rather that you should commit yourself to inclusive actions that will restore her lost vitality and strength.

Before we can repay Earth’s kindness with our sustainable actions, let’s take a moment to reflect on her immense beauty. Ask yourself, “What can I do to conserve this beautiful being?”.

No one will monitor you or judge you for the measures you take or don’t take. Be your own judge, use discretion, and find suitable alternatives. Engage in inclusive actions so that you may reflect the culture that our Earth has instilled. If you wish, document your progress and post it on your groups to inspire like-minded individuals. And whenever you get a chance, don’t forget to ask yourself, “What if i were an alien visiting earth for the first time, what would be my impressions?”.

Practice sustainability at home and be a One Earth citizen, for Mama Earth blissfully holds us all in her bosom. ✌️

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