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An Evening in Krishnapuram

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Krishnapuram is a very beautiful village surrounded by nature on three sides: the hills , the forest and beautiful farmlands with a distant lake. The evenings are filled with energy: lots of jumping, running, striding, laughter, games, and an uncanny joy which flowers in your heart.

The clucking of the hens and chicken, presence of the buffaloes, cows, the dogs and the joyous evening songs by the birds adds to the lively vibe which has already been set.

I visited the village in the month of April and was greeted warmly by almost everyone in the village. The moment I stepped on the village ground, the kids came out striding towards me. Two of them held my hands and started to show me around the village: the huts, the hens, the cows and buffaloes, the village dog named Tikki and whatnot. The villagers are all so wholesome and connected that you would not feel unknown to the place. Anyone going there would just blend in with everyone.

The children’s energy was soon directed towards the skipping ropes which they had received just a couple of days earlier. They skipped with all the energy that they had and yet the energy did not end. It was as if they are beings with infinite energy. They called me and asked me to join them and we skipped together and jumped together. It was a euphoric sense of freedom while jumping with them. I knew I was tired but I still wanted to play with them for some more time. In that moment all I did was skip with them. I was not thinking about anything else like the past or future but I was in the present.

As the Sun started going down at dusk and the sky started to change its colours, it was time for me to leave the village and say goodbye to the kids and the villagers. As I did so I realised that I was filled with joy, my heart was flowering with love and connection. The happy faces of the villagers are imprinted in my memory.

Anyone who would visit Krishnapuram would be thrilled because of the warm and friendly nature of the villagers. It is because the villagers understand the interconnectivity of all beings better than any of us. They have actually experienced that interconnectedness while milking their cow watering their own plants or playing with each other. They understand the web of life which is connected and are now working to make that web a sustainable one by building their own sustainable village.

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