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Updated: Aug 20, 2023

With a strong foundation rooted in spirituality since I was 14, I heavily depend on the wisdom that throws light on the interplay between the inner world and the outer world. Let me explain it to you the way I understand this concept.

Inner world is the world that is inside us. It is our thoughts and our feelings that have a lot to do with our mind and our heart. Outer world on the other hand is what we see in the physical world outside of us. We are often taught to pursue in the outer world – the education, the job, the house, the car, the bank balance, the travel, the husband/wife, the kids, the family, the work life balance, the lifestyle and so on. The world we live in, may not really focus on the inner world that is about bringing awareness to our thoughts, focus on our feelings, intention for a state of higher consciousness, the importance of peace and joy in everyday life and so on.

Exactly 23 years ago, I learnt that the inner world is the foundation to success in the outer world. The inner world is the key to living a joyous, peaceful and complete life whilst having all the comforts and luxuries that we desire. This foundation was laid by Oneness University / World Oneness Movement – a movement that works with one single focus – to bring enlightenment to humanity.

My interpretation of this – the movement helps individuals like you and me look within, helps us focus on the inner world, bring complete awareness to our thoughts and feelings and elevate us from the state of suffering, from the state of reacting from the reptilian brain, into a ‘no suffering’ state where we can live in connected consciousness. Connected consciousness – a state where we are connected to oneself, to every single person, animal, plant, living being and non-living thing around us, connected to the higher power that is beyond conscious understanding and connected to planet earth.

I would often observe, that when I functioned with this wisdom of connected consciousness, the world was my playground. I experienced coincidences in everyday life. I would observe how I attracted people and situations without being aware of it. I observed the various synchronicities of life. I would see myself living a life of synchro destiny. Of peace, love and joy. Of Oneness!

As a human being born here with free will, I would definitely choose to live in a state of connected consciousness – every single moment of every single day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

The WORLD VILLAGE PROJECT is based on the principle of the coming together of the inner world and the outer world. It is based on the profound sense of connection to self, others and the world at large. With the first world village completed and inaugurated in the south of India in 2019, the project focusses on the PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE first.

HUMAN BEINGS are at the center of the project. The vision is to acknowledge an individual’s free will, to celebrate their free spirit, to enable and empower them to rise above all discrimination, so that

each individual can connect to oneself, others and mother earth; hence the name WORLD VILLAGE. It is the spirit of the people that is alive in the project and runs through each of its programs.

For the physical well being of the villagers the project focusses on education, skilling and economic opportunities for the villagers, access to medical aid, building homes, access to clean water, eradicating the cast system with a focus on equality and a life of dignity among other development areas.

What fascinates me is that this project is actually BEYOND BORDERS. A WORLD VILLAGE, as the name suggests, can literally be created anywhere it is world. For me, the WORLD VILLAGE PROJECT is more powerful than any other village development project in the world.

Why? Because of its ethos of creating an extraordinary individual, where it is the individual’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being that is at the heart of the project. There couldn’t be a more apt description to the WORLD VILLAGE PROJECT– HUMAN BEING FIRST, INFRASTRUCTURE NEXT!

Author: This article is written by Vinitha Venkatraman, a Social Entrepreneur and leader in social change who is a follower of the World Oneness Movement for over 2 decades.


Would you like to create your world village? A WORLD VILLAGE, as the name suggests, can literally be created anywhere it is world. It is usually in partnership with the local government to ensure sustainability at its core. Lokaa Foundation has a handbook (manual/technical know how) on ‘How you can create your own world village?’ anywhere in the world. The manual is rooted in spirituality and connected consciousness and provides the technical know how to help you create your own world village.

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