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Rural Development

Facilitating inclusive development across 1000 villages.

Lokaa Foundation has been working with 1000 villages around Ekam The vision of this initiative is to create equitable communities, in which growth for both individuals and the collective.

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Reviving traditional sports like kabaddi among the youngsters to foster a sense of community and embracing diversity.

Reviving Sports

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Promoting traditional customs such as dance and bhajans maintaining a sense of identity and connection to our roots.

Culture Conservation

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Enabling the villagers celebrate their diverse abilities, instead of focusing on limitations.

Differently Abled

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Supporting underprivileged students through education and renovating schools.


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33,000+ beneficiaries provided with medical assistance to spread creating a brighter and healthier future for all.

Medical Aid

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100 clean water plants installed, that has reduced the water borne illness

Clean Drinking Water

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