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Coming home

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

As I stepped off of the bus and into Krishnapuram for the first time, I was overwhelmed and deeply touched by this intense feeling of comfort. I had just had a rather rough day, and this intense relief of familial connection struck a chord within my being that is as old as time. I felt more at home walking among the straw thatched roofs, and watching the kids play in the dirt than I ever had in my suburban life in the US.

It was a feeling that was without thought, an experience of how our tribal ancestors once lived. As the kids swarmed around me, I felt like it was all my little brothers and sisters swarming around me, holding me in love and joy.

Ever since this first interaction, my relationship with the community has only grown in its love and friendship. Being in this village brings out my inner child, something I feel like all of us could use, and is deeply healing. In each nature walk, there is more to explore and see in the bountiful paradise that this community resides in. I am in awe of the community's cohesive effort to build an all sustainable, eco-friendly village with the help of both Lokka Foundation and NIRDPR, and know that I will go home with a new sense of connection. I hope to go back to the US and bring this feeling of community and collaborative thinking with my community, and help it spread throughout the world. I will hold this village in my heart forever.

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