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There is no PLAN(et) B

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Every day, at the same time, in the same morning hours, a dog comes right in front of our flat, just to sit beside the door, taking refuge. So we let the poor creature rest there, out of pity...

But yesterday, it defecated, right outside our door and we opened the door in the morning and there was the muck all around, outrageous...! It took us more than an hour to clean everything to feel pleasant, sprayed perfume to not let it stink as it was... Just imagine, if we didn't have all that time? If the dog were to do it every day? And we had no time to clean up after? Wouldn't it rot and stink? And then we would have to go somewhere else to live if the smell dint ever go away and increased mountainously... (No offence meant for dog lovers, just an allegory)

Out of the million galaxies, out of the solar systems, planets and stars, Earth is my only home... But do I really have the decency to take care of my Mother Earth as i should, have I thought what My Mother must be feeling about me? Am I giving it time to clean up after us? Or am I dumping and dumping and dumping and not even bothered of the feelings of our Mother? It has started to stink!!! I must, really, ask these questions to myself...

If Mother Earth would speak to us now, she would say, this, in poetry....

I had tears in my eyes last year,

For the Amazon forest went bare,

Media called it, "Earth's wrath, floods!!!"

I could do nothing but stare...

Like an elder brother, a wise human,

Shouldn't you be compassionate and kind,

To other animals, your kin,

With whom you play, like siblings, to unwind.

Both family and you squabble for property,

Being my children, I give you equal liberty.

I cried heavily last year, for you waxed my body,

But this year my eyes have gone sore,

My flying children lost their homes, nests,

As ripping my hair out of my core...

You littered at my feet and called it Marine Drive,

Couldn't you save the corals, while they were still alive?

And then you come touch my feet,

And, relax, call it a shore holiday,

Wound me throwing plastic in my oceans,

Then, my God! What could I say?...

I want to bless you,

with abundance and health,

But under the name of "development",

You resort to murder and stealth?

Urgently, to wash my face off the dump,

For my sea creatures, my dear,

But from you, I heard distressed cries of "Tsunami",

And, Alas, it was too late to yell, "Clear"!

I want to maintain the balance,

But give me time at least to wipe the table clean,

Wait, dont pump soot in the skies,

Or I'll have to increase the temperature to intervene...

Help me love you,

But first, you have to help yourself, out of greed,

For keeping me healthy is not your priority,

But your life's utmost need...

Find the author: @dr.niddev.endodontist (Instagram)

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